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The Hundred Days

From 17-24 June, along with Ashley Truluck, I shall be guiding an expanded Waterloo tour that now takes in Paris along with Napoleon's palaces of Malmaison and Fontainebleau before picking up the Waterloo campaign from the point where Napoleon invaded the Netherlands. It should be

The Peninsular War in Southern Spain

From 30 April to 6 May 2019 I shall be back in Andalusia guiding a tour for The Cultural Experience that centres on Cadiz, describing the complex relationship between Britain and Spain during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and taking in the battles of

Spies, Plots and Lies

The beginning of August saw the publication of This Dark Business, an analysis of the early stages of the Secret War against Napoleon. I am quite proud of this book which has been very favourably reviewed by Andrew Roberts in the Sunday Times.

Mellon Fellowship

I have been awarded a senior fellowship by the Paul Mellon Centre in London to complete a book book provisionally entitled James Gillray and the Business of Satire. I have always wanted to write a book on Gillray and I am most grateful to the

A Near Run Thing

With that great raconteur and military expert Major-General Ashley Truluck, and wearing my Napoleon hat, I shall be guiding The Cultural Experience's Classic Waterloo Anniversary tour from 15-18 June 2018. Details can be found at www.theculturalexperience.com. Many thanks to all those who made the 2017 tour

From the Battle of the Nile to the capture of Le Généreux

Norwich Castle Museum, Tuesday 05 September 2017, 12.30-1.00 pm, free with Museum entry. I shall discuss Nelson's search for the French fleet; his brilliant victory in the battle of the Nile; the capture of the Leander, carrying news of the victory by the Généreux; and the