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The Napoleonic War in Andalucia

I hope to be leading a tour in Andalucia in May 2017 for the Cultural Experience. With the accent on the battle of Trafalgar and the various blockades and sieges of Cadiz, the tour will take in Jaén, the battlefield of Bailén, Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz,

Versailles and American Independence

The American theme continued with a one-day conference at Versailles to accompany the exhibition Versailles et l'Indépendence Américaine. I had made small contributions to the catalogue on the theme of propaganda and was asked to speak on the image of the French and Americans in

A week of Gillray and Hogarth at the Lewis Walpole Library

I would like to thank all those involved and especially the organizers for an absolutely fascinating few days at the Lewis Walpole Library in Farmington, Connecticut. I was invited for a very interesting and lively study day devoted to James Gillray, followed by seminars led

Bunbury at Bury

Thanks to all who helped set up and attended what for me was a most enjoyable discussion of the work of Henry William Bunbury at Moyse's Hall in Bury St Edmunds. I thoroughly recommend the little exhibition on this likable local and international figure that

House of Lords Gillray Collection

I have just completed a checklist of the eleven volumes of prints by Gillray (and a few other artists) in the House of Lords. The collection was given to the House by the important Victorian collector Sir William Augustus Fraser (1826-1898). The prints were compiled