Military History

The Hundred Days

From 17-24 June, along with Ashley Truluck, I shall be guiding an expanded Waterloo tour that now takes in Paris along with Napoleon's palaces of Malmaison and Fontainebleau before picking up the Waterloo campaign from the point where Napoleon invaded the Netherlands. It should be

The Peninsular War in Southern Spain

From 30 April to 6 May 2019 I shall be back in Andalusia guiding a tour for The Cultural Experience that centres on Cadiz, describing the complex relationship between Britain and Spain during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars and taking in the battles of

The Napoleonic War in Andalucia

I hope to be leading a tour in Andalucia in May 2017 for the Cultural Experience. With the accent on the battle of Trafalgar and the various blockades and sieges of Cadiz, the tour will take in Jaén, the battlefield of Bailén, Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz,

Newsnight 17 June 2015

I very much enjoyed my live appearance on Newsnight to discuss the Battle of Waterloo on the eve of the anniversary. I had just done a four-hour presentation on the battle for Inscape and was leaving for Waterloo at 6am the following morning but the

The Cultural Experience Waterloo 2015

200th Anniversary Campaign Tour 18-21 June                  The guide explaining that further progress along the track marked 'Passage Interdit' had been refused. We were not welcome at La Haye Sainte as the owners had guests that evening and did not wish

Waterloo Workshop at Celle

The Bomann Museum at Celle near Hanover hosted a two-day workshop on the Waterloo Campaign on 12 and 13 June in conjunction with their Waterloo exhibition. Many thanks to all those involved for a most enjoyable and instructive weekend.