James Gillray: A Revolution in Satire

A lavishly illustrated biography of James Gillray, inventor of the art of political caricature James Gillray (1756-1815) was late Georgian Britain’s funniest, most inventive and most celebrated graphic satirist and continues to influence cartoonists today. His brilliant drawing, matched by his flair for clever dialogue and

This Dark Business: the Secret War against Napoleon

Between two attempts in 1800 and 1804 to assassinate Napoleon Bonaparte, the British government launched a campaign of black propaganda of unprecedented scope and intensity to persuade George III’s reluctant subjects to fight the Napoleonic War, a war to the death against one man, the

Bonaparte and the British

Not only was Waterloo one of the most decisive battles ever fought, it was also a crucial event in European political and social history, ending over 20 years of conflict and bringing to his knees one of Europes most extraordinary and challenging figures Napoleon Bonaparte.


End of the Beginning

In End of the Beginning Tim Clayton and Phil Craig use the same techniques of oral history employed for their previous book. Finest Hour described the events of the first full year of the Second World War, 1940, highlighting the drama of Dunkirk and the


Finest Hour

Seventy years ago, Europe lay at Hitler's feet. Britain faced its darkest hour - outnumbered and friendless as the German army continued its advance. Defeat or capitulation seemed inevitable. But instead a legend was born. Taking its readers on a breathtaking journey from open lifeboats in



Tars is a gripping firsthand account of life in the Royal Navy at its bloodiest and most temptestuous phase, beginning in 1758. Through the lives of the main protagonists - a small band of sailors from across the ranks - Trafalgar author Tim Clayton paints


Sea Wolves

Sea Wolves is the story of the crews who bravely manned British submarines in the Second World War. This small band of highly trained and highly skilled individuals fought in the front line for six long years, undertaking some of the most dangerous missions of



Two hundred years ago, Napoleon Bonaparte dominated Europe and threatened Britain with invasion. Against him stood the Royal Navy and the already legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson. On 21 October 1805, a massive naval battle off the coast of Spain decided mastery of the seas. Then, over



  Shortlisted for British Army Military Book of the Year 2015   Over four days in June 1815 three battles were fought near Brussels that settled the destiny of Europe and sealed Britain's place as the dominant world power. Napoleon Bonaparte had returned from exile seeking to ward